Best Browser for Android

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In this article we will discuss about the best browser for android, Although Android already has a pretty good default browser that can be used to browsing for everyday, but sometimes we still feel less satisfied with the existing one. And here are 4 best browser for Android that you can make a choice :

1. Opera mini
          No matter what operating system used on your Smartphone, there's always Opera Mini that can be used to facilitate your browsing. If you are looking for a simple replacement for your Android default browser and work on a slow connection, Opera Mini is the solution. This browser will give you the experience of web browsing experience faster and more efficiently.
The main reason many users choose Opera Mini Opera due to the compression technology that can reduce the amount of data up to 90% without compromising the user's Internet experience. This will not only have an effect on the amount of money should be spent as well make the user feel a faster Internet experience.

2. Skyfire Browser
          If you want to play online flash video while browsing on Android devices, Skyfire is the solution provided to you. Skyfire also lets you specify what kind of opened web pages, whether for mobile devices or desktop browser. Desktop option gives you more flexibility in accessing the site and enables the discovery of the video content may not be visible on the mobile site.

3. Firefox 
          Firefox for Android has some excellent features such as tabbed browsing, bookmarks, Firefox Sync and supports multiple add-ons. Developers at Mozilla claim more quickly up to three times more than the default Android browser. Because the merger with JIT JaegerMonkey javascript engine in it are believed to open up web pages faster and better graphics quality.

4. Dolphin Browser
          The main features of the highlights of this android browser is the speed in browsing and feature tab, and  used of gesture or hand movement while browsing.
if the previous user adjust to the application, the Dolphin attempted to reverse the condition. Users can easily go to a site simply by drawing a shape on screen with your fingertips.
In addition, Dolphin Browser also features add-ons so you can add add-ons to this browser as needed.

5. xScope Browser 

           Browsers that this is the first one to support multitouch feature on the Android market (23/11/2009). xScope google bookmarks import feature that allows users to access favorite sites are never stored on the user's Google account.
This application is also integrated with the application file explorer, which allows you to perform file management as well as stored apada phone storage memory.

well, you are interested with the 5 best browser for android above?? yeah, you must have one

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