How To close Apps in HP android

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In this Android How-To article you’ll learn how to close an app that you’ve opened and used.

STEP 1. Finish tasks on the current app
Finish up your tasks on the current application. Save any changes you’ve made and stop any playing music or video.

STEP 2. Closing the app
Press the home button to close the app. That’s it, you’ve closed the app and don’t have to worry about it anymore. To relaunch the app, simply open the applications menu from the homescreen and launch it as you would any other app.

Technically, Android leaves the app running in the background for a while after you hit the home button. So if you launch the same app soon after closing it (STEP 2), you’ll find that it still retains the same state as when you closed it. This is done on purpose and is designed specifically to allow you to run more than one app at the same time. Android has it’s own internal app management system that makes sure ease-of-use is balanced with battery-life and memory requirements.

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