How to Jailbreak Ipod Touch

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do you know  how to jailbreak iPod touch? maybe yes, maybe no! In this article we are going to tell you how to do this the safe way.

The iPod touch is a great device but for some reason Apple decided to restrict much of its potential by locking the firmware. The only way to truly enjoy the full potential of this device such as installing custom applications, ringtones and other run things is to “jail break” the iPod. Basically when you learn how to jailbreak iPod touch you are going to have a much cooler gadget than when you started out.

What this term means is that you remove Apple’s firmware restrictions. What people previously had to do was open up the iPod which would void the warranty which is not something that you would want to do. Now you can do the jailbreak with very little or even no computer experience. The best part is that you are going to be able to keep your warranty. If this is done properly it is totally safe and you won’t risk hurting your iPod.
The first thing that you need to do when it comes to how to jailbreak iPod touch is make sure that your iPod is running .3 or .4 firmware. When you connect your iPod to iTunes you will be able to see this. If you don’t have the newest firmware you need to upgrade. This upgrade will be a free upgrade so don’t worry about that.

Next you will have to go and download either the Mac or the Windows version of the jail break software. Which one you download will depend on your system. It will probably take a little while to download since it is 18MB. After it has finished downloading you have to open the installer and extract files to a folder that is on your computer.

Wherever you unzipped ZiPhone to you open the file which is called “ZiPhoneGUI.exe” which is an execution file.
You need to make certain that your iPod is connected with a USB cord and then you can simply hit “Jailbreak”.

Your iPod should remain connected and let ZiPhone get to work. That is all that you have to do when it comes to how to jailbreak your iPod. That is pretty simple and like I said almost anyone will be able to do it, even if you have no computer knowledge.

good luck! do the best with your ipod! good bye!

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