How To protect facebook

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Facebook is #1 social networking site in the world. Millions of peoples are using it but only few hundreds from them cares to fully protect their ID. Thats the reason hacker hacks their Facebook profile very easily. Facebook offers many possible ways to protect Facebook account but most of us don’t care about it. But if want to protect your Facebook profile to stop any unwanted login attempts to your Facebook profile you may do so by using a simple step offered by Facebook.

Steps to Protect Unwanted Login Attempts to Facebook Profile:
  • Login to Facebook.
  • Than visit Account setting Tab.
  • After that click “Change” in Account Security.
  • Now select the two check boxes as below.
  • Now save the settings.
  • Done!
Now you have done all the settings and whenever someone try to access your account they will asked to  provide the device name… If day make anything wrong…your account access will be blocked which can be retrieve again by answering your security question. Every time you or any body else login to your Facebook account you will get a email about the same which will display the following.
  1. Device Name
  2. Login Time and date.
  3. Logger IP Address
  4. Logger City,  State and Country.
If enable this feature for your Facebook profile your profile will be more secured. I suggest to every Facebook user to enable this feature. for any help or query feel free to ask.

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