How to Root Android Phone With SuperOneClick

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Here I will explain you the simplest method of how to root your android phone. First understand what it means and what can you do with your phone after rooting it and what are the risks involved in it. And if you know what is rooting then jump to steps to rooting your phone.

What is meant by rooting your Android phone?
Rooting is a process that allows users of mobile phones and other devices running the Android operating system to get privileged control (known as "root access"). Rooting allows you to have Super-User access to your device. If you are more familiar with windows then it is like having administered access. You can delete whatever you want from the phone (which can cause issues if you decide you want to delete something important). It is similar to jail breaking the iPhone and other iOS devices.

What are the advantages of rooting Android phone?
Most retail devices running the Android operating system must be rooted in order to install custom versions of the Android system such as Cyanogen-Mod. This is because in the stock configuration (unrooted), user-installed applications do not have direct access to the flash memory chip on the device and, thus, are not able to replace or modify the operating system itself. Rooting is also necessary for certain applications and widgets that require additional system and hardware rights such as for rebooting the phone, certain backup utilities, and other access to other hardware such as status led. Rooting is also needed to disable or remove manufacturer-installed applications such as City ID.

What are the risks involved in rooting android phone?
Firstly before rooting you need to save a backup of your Stock Rom since if you root your device and face a hardware or software defect later and need to send your device to manufacturer for warranty they would firstly check that your phone has a stock rom or not and if you don’t have a stock rom your gadget would get straight out of warrant. So main concern is that it voids your phone’s warrantee period.

How to root Android Phone whit SuperOneClick : 

Step #1 : Download SuperOneClick
Step #2 : Remove SD card from your mobile phone.
Step#3 : Enable USB debugging mode in your mobile by going into phone settings>applications>development>enable USB debugging mode.
Step #4 : Now run SuperOneClick on your computer and plug your mobile to your computer.
Step #5 : Now click on root button in SuperOneClick application on your computer and the process of rooting will start.

Step #6 : It will give you several messages in the process, but you have to wait it says “success!” and then you are done.

Step #7 : After that you will be able to see a super-user icon in your mobiles menu.

Step #8 : If not then repeat this process again because sometimes it causes issues but it will not harm anything.

it's true easy to use SuperOneClick?, if there is problem! you can post comment bottom

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