Mystery Bite on Apple logo

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Return of Steve Jobs the Founder of Apple Inc., makes many people curious about the bite of the Apple computer logo. There are many opinions are a mystery bite at the Apple logo, before finally answered by the creator of the logo.

Logo creator Rob Janoff said:
According to Rob Janoff taken from the creativebits site, the bite of the apple is just a variation of it. He said the logo has no special meaning, which he did only to design an apple with its creativity.
Strangely, though Rob Janoff already explained, many people are not sure. And so the bitten apple logo remains a mystery. Here are a few:

-> Logo with apples without being bitten would look like an orange, then to distinguish between them, made ​​a bitten apple as their logo.

-> Inspired by Alan Turning, the father of modern computer that ended his life by eating the apples that contain cyanide.
Alan Turing
-> Some say, bite it means byte. The term is derived from the computer's memory capacity, which is mega byte, terra bytes.

-> Philosophy, apple compared to a science. Bite is a symbol that people can not take all the science, but only partially.

-> Memory of Isaac Newton (theory of gravity is said to be found after Newton saw an apple fall from a tree).
  Isaac Newton Theory 
-> Inspired by the story of the first humans, Adam and Eve. Apple is the fruit of knowledge sources.
Adam & Hawa
-> Some people believe it, Steve is a big fan of The Beatles, and he modeled the logo of one of  The Beatles  album
The Beatles Album
-> Starting from Steve the vegetarian habit and like to eat apples. When he decided to set up a company with his best friend (Wozark), apellah symbols used.

-> There is also the opinion that when you see the Apple brand, then you have taste and elegant sophistication of Apple products.


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