Download Social Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

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While gaming is fun, it’s on your Samsung Galaxy S3 the social networks can really come alive. With social networking apps you can add photos, videos, locations and begin to share your live experience of life to those that are happy to follow. The best apps are most usually the social apps and you should install on your Galaxy S3

1. Facebook 
The most social of all the social networks is always going to be the biggest and with access to the full experience in its entirety and all its chat, messaging and photo functions, the Facebook app is, of course, one of the best apps out there of any kind. From boot you can easily do things like post pictures or send friends message and the news feed also sits right at the apps start, keeping you up to date on all your network’s goings on.

One of the best things about the Facebook app is how it is laid out. It’s incredibly simple to use and it grants quick access to all the most important parts of the network. A constant stream of updates also means that the app is very rarely broken or buggy in any way. Better still, Facebook is constantly listening to and improving on its design, so it just gets better and better.

Download Facebook Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3 FREE

2. Twitter
The official Twitter app is a very simple and easy way to interact with the speediest of the social networks. It will let you send out a 140 character tweet, upload pictures, search, read, reply and retweet, as well as send private messages. The real thing that makes the app work so well is its speed, as you can read through your feed incredibly fast and interact with followers very speedily.

There are other Twitter clients for Android out there, such as Plume above, but if you’re after a wholly reliable and familiar experience, then the official app is probably the best way to go.

Download Twitter Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3 FREE

3. LinkedIn
Despite traditional associations with business and networking, the LinkedIn app is actually one of the most enjoyable in its appearance and the way it’s used. Contacts sit at the top of the screen with profile pictures that can be scrolled and clicked. You can tap your own name and open up a selection of four different app categories like profile and updates and these can then be tapped on and read. It’s all very intuitive and makes for a nice seamless app experience.

The hi-res graphics are particularly juicy looking, as is the way that invitations and messages are managed. The actual updates feed is more like Twitter than the usual LinkedIn website. It’s much easier just to click through and read what people are posting than on the conventional website. Even if you don’t have much of a business life, the LinkedIn experience rather makes you feel like you have.

Download LinkedIn Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3 FREE

4. Google+
Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ll know that Google+ is the internet giant’s latest stab at a social network. The Android app will recognise your Google account from your phone, so you’ll be up and running in a second. Underpinning the whole experience is Circles. Circles are essentially a way of categorising people. The default names are indicative of their use: Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Following (and you can add, delete change these at the desktop end). To build your network, you basically add people to Circles.

And that’s the real key to Google+: choosing who you share with. You can dump things out there for public consumption or in ever decreasing Circles, until you hit your smallest and most intimate group. It challenges Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Foursquare combining social features of all apps into one place. In these early days is doesn’t feel as accomplished as those individual networks, but given the size of Google, and given time, Google+ could be the only social network you need to use.

Download Google+ Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3 FREE

5. Foursquare
Every good social network needs its app for mobile and the official version is definitely the way to go as far as Foursquare is concerned. It’s a location-based info sharing service that’s largely been copied and rather overshadowed by Facebook Places.

Frequent the local pub often? Then use Foursquare to make yourself the mayor. Not the real mayor but more a social one; an electronic leader of friends, family and strangers. At first this might seem relatively pointless, but the commenting and information left by others allows the app to build up a clever picture of what is good to eat, drink and see and what isn’t.

Download Foursquare Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3 FREE

6. Skype

Android wins out slightly over the iPhone version of Skype because it has a better notification system. As normal, a Skype icon appears in your drag-down status bar and when a chat is taking place there is a speech bubble shown too, so you are less likely to be signed in but oblivious of the fact someone is trying to reach you.

Calls are voice or video option over Wi-Fi and 3G, depending upon how flush you’re feeling data-wise and, of course, the neat thing is that you don’t just get to call Skype desktop users, you can also call other Skype mobile users and even non-Skypers. Chat is also nicely handled, appearing as bubbles from alternate sides of the display and your chats don’t get lost in your handset – they also appear in your desktop client, so you can be signed in to both. The great thing, though, is that it’s another heavy-weight application for Android.

Download Skype Apps For Samsung Galaxy S3


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