How To Browse the Android Market From a Computer

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Browsing and discovering apps for your Android phone is not limited to the device itself. In fact, there is a wide array of websites that facilitate doing both from either your laptop or from your desktop computer. So without further ado, let’s examine the pros and cons of five of the top options.

1. Cyrket
Cyrket places a speed and staying as up-to-date as possible, and this is where their focus lies. The backend is designed to faithfully refresh any updates in the Android Market as soon as possible. This is the best source if you want to the closest real-time monitoring of the Android Market. It also shows basic statistics and data about apps.
Pros: It’s lean and mean, and it provides a great deal of near real-time information.
Cons: Aesthetically, the site is drab and outdated.

2. AppBrain
AppBrain is a large site with impressive features. It offers its own app that lets you add apps from the browser on your computer and then latter bulk-install them through the AppBrain Android app. It also lets you create alerts and lists of apps to track for price changes or feature updates. This is easily the most feature-rich of these websites.
Pros: They have all the apps, awesome unique features, and a huge user base.
Cons: Sometimes it’s too much information, and it takes more clicks than it should to get what you seek.

3. AppStoreHQ
AppStoreHQ offers the best database among the services on this list, and the search and sort interfaces are intuitive and powerful. If you have a specific app or a specific type of app in mind, this is the shop for you. Another greater feature is “Hottest Apps”, which is a side-panel top ten of the apps getting the most attention. AppStoreHQ also pulls in reviews from external review sites and nicely organizes them under the relevant apps.
Pros: Best search feature on the list.
Cons: AppStoreHQ is not nearly as convenient when you simply want to peruse the library.

4. Android Market
The official website doesn’t offer the massive selection that these other sites do. The Android Market puts the focus on displaying only the best, and there is something refreshing about that. There will be times when you want to see the top apps, including free ones, without wading through thousands.

Pros: Gets right to the point, and does a good job showcasing featured apps.

Cons: There’s a lot of missing functionality when compared to the websites above.

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