How To Install Apps From Android Market

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In this Howto-HSK article you’ll learn how to install apps from the Android Market. You’ll need an Android device with cellular data (3G/4G) or Wi-Fi enabled.

STEP 1. Open the list of applications
You access the Android Market through another app that comes pre-installed on your Android smartphone. Once you turn on your Android device and unlock it, you’ll find yourself on the Android homescreen. At the bottom of the homescreen you’ll see a little tab or grid icon. Tap on it with your finger on the touchscreen. This will open a new view that shows all the apps that are installed on your device.

STEP 2. Opening the Android Market
Locate the icon that says “Market” and has a picture of the Android robot and a handbag on it. Tap on this icon and wait a few moments as the app accesses data on the Android Market. You have now opened the Android Market on your smartphone.

STEP 3. Find a suitable App that you want to install
You can browse and search for apps through the Android Market. Some apps are free, while other cost a few dollars. Pick a free app to download.

STEP 4. Download and Install the app
Simply tap the app of your choice to view details such as the description, rating, and number of downloads by other users. Tap the install button at the bottom. You will be presented with a list of device functions that the app needs to access in order to function properly. Just confirm the install with another tap and the download and install process will begin. Downloading the app can take up to a few minutes depending on the size of the app. Once the download is complete, the app is automatically installed.

STEP 5. Begin using the app!
Once the app is installed you’ll find its icon sitting along with all the other apps you found by doing STEP 1. Tapping on the icon launches the app and you can begin using it.
You can see a list of all apps you’ve downloaded from the Android Market by going to the “My Downloads” section in the Android Market application.

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