Wow Mobile Scam?

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Do you know about the Wow Mobile scam and if it really is a scam or not? In this article we are going to look over the information that we have found and the best solution that we have been able to come to.

Everyone is looking for a get quick solution and it seems that Wow Mobile was another multi level marketing program that was offering something that could have been a get rich quick deal. If you look on youtube there are a few different videos that show how the program works and how the phone work.

I thought that it sounded like a pretty good deal and then I tried to click on the link and there was nothing there. I decided to do a little bit more digging and I also found that besides for not having that website there were many other “affiliates” or people that were in the business side of the program that no longer had their sites either. This lead me to believe that things had gone pretty sour.

After doing a little more research on youtube I found a man talking about the Wow mobile scam. He told everyone not to be stupid like he had been and that it truly was a scam. He spoke about the familiar phone bouncing back and forth that scammers do, how there was no address to go to the physical location as well as how they took the money for the opportunity by EFT transfer so he could not get it back.

I looked through google and found one site saying that there was no Wow mobile scam but the site was a little back dated so I went and clicked around on some of the links. Yes, you guessed it there were problems with those links as well.

As far as I can tell there is a Wow mobile scam. The deal was that you could buy into the opportunity for $199.00, $699 and $1600 depending on which level you wished to join on. Programs that charge big up front fees are going to be something that you should make sure you look out for. This is the biggest red flag that you can look for.

I am not sure that they are even offering sign up any longer because of all of the Wow mobile scam reports that have been filed lately. Hopefully something will happen that people will be able to get their hard earned money back.

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