How To Download The Right Driver For Video Card

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This article can help you about how to download the right driver for video card
First of all, updating a driver is not as easy as you might think.
It is very important to always have compatibility in mind before you start looking for a driver for your video card.
If you get to the right source and download the wrong drivers, you will only end up with more problems than before.
If you end up at the wrong source for drivers, things could get even worse.

First, lets talk a little about what a video (graphics) card really is.

A graphics card is a small peace of hard ware attached to the motherboard of the computer.
This cards efficiency is what determinates the quality of all graphic tasks your computer works on, like games, videos and pictures. as you understand having a quality video card that runs at its optimum capabilities is a must!
There are two kinds of slots available on computers for the video card.
They are called PCI slots, and AGP slots.
In my opinion the AGP slots are better, since it is of a newer, more advanced technology,
so it is faster than the PCI slots, and this helps your computer run better and complete tasks more efficiently.

However, keep in mind that the type of graphic card you coose depend on the type of
computer you have, since some computers dont have an AGP slot.
Also, it is imortant to know that all AGP slots are not created equal, so speed varies from computer to computer, even with the same type of video card.
Now, since you are here, chances are that the rpoblem is not with the hard ware, the graphics card it self , but probably with the software, the drivers.
If this is the case, don't panic, I will show you step by step what you should do right now!

First, open up your device manager.
(If you don't know where it is, then just search for it in the search tab of your computer that pops up when you press the start button)
then open up the device manager by double clicking on it, and see what the current status of your graphics/video card drivers.
If everything is in order, you should see a green check mark right next to it.
But if you see an exclamation point, then you have to work to do my friend :-)
The first thing you should try to do is click on the graphic cards action tab, and the update device button.

If the drivers are easily attainable via windows update this should be enough.
If, however, you added your video card at a later stage, things could become a little more tricky.
In this case you have to download the newest drivers via the video cards manufacturers site.
first note down the making and model of your video card, as well as the manufacturer.
Then its time to go to look for the right drivers for your video card.
Hit your favorite search engine and search for the manufacturers home page.
Always make sure you are at the manufacturers official site when you use this method.
When you find it, look for downloads or support.
This is usually where the manufacturers have drivers for their products available for download.

Unfortunately every site is different, so you are on your own here.. :-)
When you find the downloads, make sure you download the correct driver for your video card, but also for your operation system (XP,VISTA).
Make sure that you remember where you download the needed driver.
(I always download it to my desktop, its always easier to find it there, and you can always move it later)
Now, all you have to do is to go back to the device manager and find the video card.
double click on it and then click on the upgrade driver button.
Browse to your desktop (or to where you downloaded your new driver) and update your drivers.

If your computer ask you to restart it, its always better you do it right away, to make sure all the new components are installed correctly.
Thats it, your done!
Good Luck! Happy video watching today!

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