How to reset local account password or domain administrator password

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Well, maybe you forgot your local account password, or domain administrator password, and you confused How to reset local account password or domain administrator password? Take it easy, in this article i will tell you the efficient methods to reset your lost or forgotten windows password on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server2008/2003/2000.

Of course, if it is the common case, you could reset the windows password from the safe mode, or use Windows password reset disk to reset Windows password. However, the two methods above are not suitable for all systems, especially when you want to reset the local account password and domain administrator password at the same time. When comes it, the most efficient way is to use a third-party Windows Password Reset tool. Though I believe there will be many reliable Windows password recovery software, Windows Password Reset is the best tool I have ever used, and it has enjoys great popularity among forgotten Windows password users.

there, I just introduce how to use this software shortly. Before reset windows password, you should have a computer that can link with the Internet, prepare CD/DVD, or USB, then download the software Windows Password Reset Deluxe.

Step1: Install Windows Password Reset Deluxe.

Step2: Insert a CD/DVD disk, or USB Flash Drive into the CD-ROM drive /USB port on the computer to create a Windows Password Reset disk.

Step3: Before reset your windows password, make sure you have changed your computer’s setting to make it boot from the CD-ROM or USB flash drive. When enter the reset password window, choose Reset Windows local account password Work with regular user accounts to reset local account password, and choose Reset Windows domain administrator password Work with Active Directory accounts to reset domain administrator password.

In the end, reboot your computer, you will find you could enter the windows successfully. With Windows Password Reset tool, reset Windows local account password, or domain administrator password to be so easy.

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