why I got banned adsense?

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Your account has been banned from Adsense?, and you wondered what causes it? in this article we will discuss about the causes of Banned From Adsense!

However if you get banned and feel that the biology behind the ban was correctable orite. g. lack of online privacy policy, or images too near to the ads - both of that could be corrected easily, yet both of which can lead to a total ban, then you may find people have some sympathy.

Unfortunately irrespective of you best protestations it is possible to that Google chooses to remain the ban in place.

Now the only way forwards from here is if you have corrected everything that you can think of so that your website now complies with AdSense policies together with site quality issues, and they still will not re-instate ones account, is to start again using a new website domain identify (Note: you nor anyone else will be able to run AdSense on a banned site ever again) and a new person to apply for the account.

That is right, a new people, as you will not be capable of apply for the AdSense program a highly effective name, address, email or account. If you do so then Google will spot that you are trying to apply to get a new account, which is against the original Terms Of Service (TOS) that you signed up for when you first applied for an AdSense account, and ignore your new application.

So simply put the only way you can ever run AdSense again for a site you own is that if it is a) A completely new domain, and b) that AdSense account application can not be by you or linked to you with regard to address or bank account in anyway what consequently ever. If it is the application will be turned down or you will be banned again in fairly short order.

So ideally you can't want to get banned from AdSense in the first place as you can see there is very little you can do if you are banned in the program.
A lot of webmasters nowadays which has a Google AdSense program to help monetize their websites.
To look at analyzed about 200 sites, I found that about 65% advisors are violating AdSense TOS.

Which means that, what mistakes can cause you to ban and possibility of losing your AdSense account and earnings?

1. Placing an ad stop right below a world-wide-web page's title
I've witnessed this mistake on more than 140 web sites. This placement will guarantee that you will be contacted by AdSense group. You will get a warning from their site and should change your page within 72 a long time. It's better to take action fast.
The solution is simple. Just write a brief paragraph of text concerning a title and marketing campaign block and you're executed.

2. Images near ads
This can be a surefire way to raise your CTR and loose your AdSense account. Google doesn't like as soon as an user is forced to visit ads by some pretty image.
Again, just separate images together with ads with some copy and you're done.

3. Clicking exclusively by yourself ads

Google has hordes of the greatest minds writing code for them. And their tracking algos can easily detect such behaviour.
Do not ever do it. Period.

4. Using AdSense on internet pages with copyrighted/plagiarized content
The identical rule will apply.

one solution for you : sportsmanship are the main things needed to do business using google adsense! and read Google Adsense TOS to know the rules set by Google Adsense
Good Luck!

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