Top 10 Cydia Apps

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Here we will discuss about the top 10 Cydia Apps. So while searching for Cydia apps on the internet I always stumble on the question “what other tweaks / apps should I get from cydia”.

So I have decided to give you guys and girls out there a run down on HowTo-HSK’s best Cydia Apps.

Please note that these are in no particular order.

Number 1 : ''WinterBoard'' 
The first app that springs to mind when I think of Cydia, is an app that makes most people jailbreak.
Winterboard is the app that allows you to theme your iPhone. This app was developed by Saurik (Jay Freeman – maker of Cydia) to take the place of SummerBoard once OS 2.0 was released.
Saurik made this so that people out there could once again start to theme their iPhones. Winterboard is free so if you want to change the look of your iDevice then go and grab it.

Number 2 : ''LockInfo'' 
Lockinfo is one of my favorite tweaks available in Cydia and over the last few months we have seen loads of new added features.
Lockinfo adds all the stuff to the lockscreen that should have been stock on the iPhone. Through Lockinfo I am able to view emails, SMS, notifications, rss feeds and my twitter all in a nice little organised display.
Lockinfo costs $4.99 and is available through the modmyi repo.
Keeps your eyes open for new things coming to Lockinfo soon.

Number 3 & 4 : ''iFile & Safari Download Manager 
Now these 2 apps can not be separated really and they work really well together.
iFile is a a file manager with capabilites to email, edit, delete, copy, cut, paste, rename, view, compress, uncompress, install and transfer files.
Put that with Safari Download Manager which manages your downloads within iPhone Safari Browser. SDM supports almost every downloadable extension.
So lets think about this your out and about, your looking for a new theme on the web and find one you like. The trouble is that its in a .rar file well SDM will download it for you and the iFile will unrar it and allow you to move it to the right directory on your phone. Hay presto new theme. iFile costs $4.00 and is available from the bigboss repo while Safari Download Manager is $2.00 and is from the same repo.

Number 5 : ''SBSetting''
SBSettings is a hud display that comes down from the status bar when you swipe you finger left to right over it.
Now SBSetting is not a one hit wonder app, it does many many things. It allows you to free up available memory, toggle things on & off such as wi-fi, bluetooth and 3G. The tweak also allows users to respring their iPhone aswell as reboot.
A couple of extra things SBSettings can do is hide icons or move them into its own little dock.
This tweak is free and is available from the bigboss repo

Number 6 : ''OpenSSh''
OpenSSH is a background utility that allows users to connect their iDevices over wi-fi to the Mac or PC. To use OpenSSH you will need a client programme on your machine such as WinSCP for windows. This will then allow you to log into your iDevice and look through the directories.
OpenSSH is a great tool for theme developers as it allows them to install their theme to test it out before they release it to the public.
OpenSSH is free and is a great way to mod files on your idevice.
Please be aware though that you can do potential damage with OpenSSH if you are unsure what you are doing with it.

Number 7&8 : ''Proswitcher & Backgrounder'' 
Proswitcher is a front end to the app backgrounder. It allows users to easily switch between apps with a simple gesture.
The app comes from the Palm Pre WebOS idea and looks similar.
The app uses a libary called libactivator and allows users to pick a gesture to start Proswitcher running. This could be anything from a double tap of the status bar to pinching the icons on the Springboard
Proswitcher is developed by chpwn & Ryan Petrich, developer of OverBoard and is available from the BigBoss repo for free.
Backgrounder is also a free app, and allows applications to run at the same time.
The only thing with Backgrounder is that it can be memory intensive as apps are not designed to be run in the background (something that Apple should have really thought about).
If however, you have a 3GS iPhone, you should not really see a problem.

Number 8 : ''qTwitter'' 
qTweeter is one of the teams favourite twitter clients. It allows you to update both your Twitter account and Facebook account at the same time.
With just a swipe down from the status bar the app appears. You can post vids, pics and geotag straight from this little tweak and the best bit about it is that you can open it while any other app is open also.
qTweeter costs $4.99.

Number 10 : ''QuickReply''
QuickReply is a SMS tweak that allows you to respond to any SMS / MMS from any app or lockscreen.
When activated a pop-up appears with the message and whom it is from and then gives you 3 options, Close, View and Reply.
The close option will do just that and close the bubble, View will close your current app and open the Messages app and Reply will show you the message and a keyboard overlaying your current app.
QuickReply costs $2.99 and is available from the BigBoss repo.

So there you have it people HowTo-HSK’s top 10 Cydia apps. maybe impossible if you will use every single one of these but we all use some of them.

So unlock your iPhone now, scroll over to Cydia and have a look for yourselves, I bet you download at least one of these if you don’t use them already.

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